Phronesis Technologies Limited

Company Overview

Phronesis is helping insurers, banks and commercial organisations to positively identify new customers, authenticate users and protect all manner of transactions from identity fraud and attacks.

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Additional Company Overview

At Phronesis we love a super-smooth mobile experience. When customers are itching to try a new service, or under pressure to complete a transaction, they don’t want to stop and check their emails or fiddle with an authenticator app. And they certainly don’t want to be told to come back tomorrow while background checks are completed.

After half a lifetime in telecoms, we know that there is a better way of identifying and authenticating customers. We call it Network Biometrics® and we are proud to be working with national governments, financial institutions and global service providers to make their customer journeys more secure and friction-free.

At Phronesis, we work behind the scenes, using real-time data from mobile networks and devices to enhance your existing systems so you can focus on building ever better, more profitable customer experiences.

With our services you can:
– Auto-discover or check the validity and status of a customer’s mobile number
– Validate that an individual is who and what they claim
– Identify potential mobile fraud, including identity theft and account takeover
– Provide two-factor authentication without the risks and interruption

We have built deep relationships with the UK mobile networks to create GDPR-compliant solutions for validating user identity and identifying potential fraud. Our APIs allow you to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and security checks.