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Since 2017, Red Goat Cyber Security has been on a mission: Arm our clients with the knowledge, know-how, and tools to protect against cyber attacks through superior face-to-face cyber security training.

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Additional Company Overview

Many risks in the business world are easy to predict – but cyber crises and digital emergencies can happen with no warning, and the team at Red Goat Cyber Security offers a full suite of cyber security training services that will help protect your organisation, reduce risk, and maintain your integrity.

In a time where cyber threats continue to plague businesses, governments, and organisations of all size, the need to protect against catastrophic financial disaster and data breaches has never been higher.

By helping you gauge and protect against potential threats, identify current and future vulnerabilities, and expand your organisation’s cyber security skills beyond the basics, Red Goat Cyber Security can help your organisation thrive in the face of never-ending cyber threats.

"We are social engineering experts and we’ve specialised in social engineering, so, hacking humans, essentially."

- Lisa Forte - Founder