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Based out of Bristol & Bath Science Park, Sophistec sits at the heart of the tech centre, protecting you through Cyber Security Services, PCI DSS, GDPR & Information Protection, Audit Preparation & Architecture.

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The TechSPARK Tech Jobs Board brings together 1,000’s of the very best tech jobs from right across the South West digital community. If you’re a company looking to hire why don’t you drop us an email at to see how you can get in front of our community.

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Additional Company Overview

The world is becoming ever digital and as it does we find ourselves having to cope with an increasing number of potentially open doors. Imagine your home with a single door, no windows and a cellar. Placing your valuables in a safe located in a locked cellar belonging to a house with a single door that has a lock and a chain, is pretty strong security. However, add a back door, 8 windows and a loft hatch and suddenly the convenience of natural light and quick access to the back garden has opened up multiple vulnerabilities and your valuables aren’t so safe any more!

It’s as simple as that in the digital world too, a secure wired network becomes exposed if you add wifi, allow none business internet traffic across it, add a few smart devices and don’t keep your software up to date. The problem is increased further if you are a small business and you work from home or a larger business with home based staff. Shared internet with the kids on the same network range could easily bring malware or worse, Randsomware onto your network and into your business. The thought of having your heating and lights controlled by your smart phone sounds fun, but if it is not isolated on your network, the IOT (Internet of Things) is the easiest way for a hacker to gain access to your valuable data.

As a certfied Cyber Essentials business Sophistec cares about Information Security in the Cyber world and can provide complimentary services to ensure you have the best chance of remaining safe.