SRT Marine Systems

Company Overview

SRT Marine Systems plc (SRT) is a global leader in the development and supply of technologies, products and systems that deliver maritime domain awareness.

Our solutions enhance maritime security, safety, management and efficiency across the entire marine domain from waterways, ports and infrastructure to coasts and the open ocean.

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Additional Company Overview

Fully integrated maritime surveillance, monitoring and management systems for coast guards, fisheries, ports & waterways, that deliver enhanced performance and maritime domain awareness.

Customers include:
-Leading system integrators.
-Marine electronics companies requiring white label AIS technology and product solutions.
-Individual vessel operators.
-Port owners and operators.
-National authorities such as national defence agencies, fishery ministries, navies and coast guards who require sophisticated maritime surveillance and monitoring systems.

Technology is at the heart of every SRT product, delivering superior performance and functionality. We pride ourselves in a unique in-house research and development team of expert hardware and software engineers. For twenty years they have pioneered the development of leading edge technologies, which power our products with unique capabilities and performance characteristics. This combination of exceptional core technology and quality product engineering and manufacturing, result in a product range renowned for its performance reliability, even in the harshest marine environments.

"Because of our investments and activities over many years, SRT is today a global leader at the centre of this emerging market opportunity"

- Simon Tucker - Chief Executive Officer