TEKTowr is an engineering solutions company. Founded in December 2018, we bring to market new, innovative products and services within safety-critical, security-critical software environments (aerospace, defence, automotive), using DevOps, Machine Learning, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Distributed Ledger and IoT. From December 2019, we have grown to 10-people and have a highly-experienced trusted advisory board.

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The TechSPARK Tech Jobs Board brings together 1,000’s of the very best tech jobs from right across the South West digital community. If you’re a company looking to hire why don’t you drop us an email at hello@TechSPARK.co to see how you can get in front of our community.

Additional Company Overview

Our people have decades of experience developing bespoke software, web and mobile applications in Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) environments – where provable non-stop, mission critical resilience is needed. At TEKTowr, we cover all parts of the software lifecycle including early stage concept development, requirements capture, wireframing, prototype development, implementation, deployment and roll out. We provide comprehensive care and maintenance of everything we build with a tailored package to fit with your IT service supply chain.

We advocate the Disciplined Agile Delivery methodology with tight scrums of 1-2 weeks.  We can also run waterfall projects as well as lean, six-sigma style approaches.  Using the IETF’s Request For Comment (RFC) process for early stage concepts, we facilitate a series of Analysis, Options and Design workshops with your team where recommended options are scored against your desired digital outcomes. These are documented in decision trees – so when a project assumption is invalidated, a backtrace through the options can reveal the best way forward efficiently and quickly – ensuring your project remains within budgetary, schedule and scope constraints.

We know that getting into contract can take time, so we often take a hands-on approach to proving our capability; the first time we meet you, rather than wait for contracts to be signed, if there’s a problem you’re having that can be solved there and then, we will simply solve it. That way you can rapidly assess our capabilities rather than just read about us on paper!

Pedro Ferrandez Anton

Pedro is a first-year Accounting and Finance student at the University of Bristol interning at our IAP division. Aspires to have his future company featured on our website.