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Company Overview

We are Torchlight Group, a company of experts working to offer our clients unique perspectives and bespoke solutions to the complex challenges they face. We excel in delivering sustainable capacity and capability development and improvement across the full spectrum of the criminal justice system to help improve the rule of law in countries that need it.

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Additional Company Overview

Since our establishment in 2011, Torchlight has been focused on realising our vision of being the security and development sector’s partner of choice for complex security and development requirements.

Our incredible journey has seen us support 70 different government organisations, in 41 countries, creating a reputation that is built on a legacy of positive interactions and effective solutions.

Our global team of security and development experts bring a unique blend of specialist knowledge, empowering our clients with the technical know-how and confidence to solve their toughest challenges.

We are committed to our mission of providing enduring security and stability where it is needed most. By bringing clarity to complexity, we resolve multifaceted security and development challenges, enhancing the everyday lives of citizens and protecting national interests.

Torchlight is a leading provider of cyber security and digital intelligence capability to underpin long-term national security and resilience.

Our team includes some of the world’s leading experts in cyber resilience, cyber operations, OSINT and digital intelligence. Working in partnership with national authorities, we build robust cyber defence systems, ensuring that they are equipped with the ability to continually adapt to keep pace with the rapidly-evolving online threat environment.