Company Overview

Zubr.co is the leading immersive content studio in the West of England. Our expertise lies in delivering bespoke experiences tailored to our clients, using tried and tested software developed in-house from over 8 years of extensive R&D. Having delivered over 400 commercial projects, we’re confident we create AR/VR experiences which are accessible, intuitive and informative.
Our West of England work includes photogrammetry for Aardman, developing VR binoculars for SS Great Britain, volumetric video for We the Curious, an augmented reality app for Bristol Old Vic, virtual reality attractions for the Eden Project, various virtual art installations for Upfest, and interactive AR murals for Bridgwater train station.
We keep pace with new sector developments, experimenting with each hardware and software release to exploit their potential for our clients, and ensuring we can confidently deliver experiences in a variety of mediums. This means we can flexibly respond to client needs, working with existing hardware or internal systems, yet still delivering cutting-edge content.

Private health insurance

Opportunities to travel

Play with high-end VR & AR

Flexible working


Work from home

+1 holiday day per year

Pension contribution

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Shannon D'Arcy

Shannon is TechSPARK's partnership executive, recently hired to help grow the team and expand our reach to support the Tech Cluster in the West. She has experience with developing companies in the region and is passionate about helping businesses.