Investment Activator Programme2022 Annual Report:South West Equity Investment


What happenedin 2022

2022 saw companies in the South West region raise just over £920 million in equity investment. In total, 318 companies participated in 355 fundraising events last year.


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An overview of the key moments and raises from across the 2022 finance landscape. Discovering the winners and losers in a transformative year for investment raising.

Sector Analysis

Deep dive analysis by sector to understand trends and opportunities for businesses and investors. Join us as we look across last year and the key raises and market signals for 2023.

Ones To Watch

Read all about some of the most exciting businesses from across the region looking to raise in 2023. From FemTech to Robotics, learn all about these exciting opportunities.

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Standout Raises in 2022Ones To Watch in 2023
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