Bosch to demonstrate Ultrahaptics’ mid-air haptic tech in concept car at CES 2017

The touch-free technology has reached Las Vegas thanks to leading automotive supplier
6th January 2017

Revolutionary mid-air haptic feedback technology, developed by Bristol-based Ultrahaptics, is being showcased by dynamic automotive supplier Bosch this weekend at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Ultrahaptics has developed remarkable technology that allows us to feel what is not really there through the power of ultrasound. The product comes in handy under various areas such as VR and gaming, med tech home appliances, multimedia and now it’s set to reach our cars.

Ultrahaptics: Connecting people and technology

Can’t touch this

Bosch is incorporating Ultrahaptics’ tech into their infotainment systems. This will allow you to do things such as turn up the volume of your radio without having to directly touch anything – it all works through the carefully curated magic of gesture control.

“The growth we have seen this year and the breadth of applications where our technology is being utilised is staggering”


As well as being a pretty cool feature, this solution also acts as an enhancer to safety precautions. The ultrasound generates a haptic response directly onto the user’s bare hands, thus providing reassurance the desired command has been carried out.

This then eliminates the chance of accidental cancellation as drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road to check the visual display.

ultrahaptics-tech-demoSteve Cliffe, CEO of Ultrahaptics, says, “The growth we have seen this year and the breadth of applications where our technology is being utilised is staggering. The Bosch application at CES demonstrates how touchless gesture recognition can help car makers gain greater market acceptance for the incorporation of gesture control”.

The company has reached impressive heights, having recently been recognised for an innovation award from NMI, and is constantly expanding the uses for its phenomenal tech.

Check out Ultrahaptics’ website to learn more about the potential benefits from their amazing tech. You can also follow them on Twitter here: @ultrahaptics

Image credit: Bosch