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State of tech: Bristol and Bath - Report


What's in the report:

“We will likely see radical change in local, regional and national government over the next couple of years. So the time is very much now to assess where we are and identify how we can help the sector fulfil its potential, and its responsibility to this city region that we love.”

Nick Sturge MBE BEng CDir

The human capital dimension

How to build locally, nationally and internationally

How to position ourselves politically 

The infra-structure required for tech

Scope of this report

- Build a common picture of the current status quo and existing challenges/opportunities

- Equip everyone with insights and anecdotes to facilitate discussion

- Ultimately drive change before the next Chair’s report is published!

The status quo & opportunities

Where are we now? What's our regional identity? Where do we do well and where do we fall short?

We analyse our eco-system, where it's come from and where, with the right leadership and collaboration, it can go.


We all have a role to play in making material progress in the next 12-18 months - as individuals, as organisations and as regions.

Through the document you will find opportunities highlighted in response to specific challenges.

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What are the changes we can make as individuals, organisations and as regional actors across policy, support, human capital, markets, finance and culture?

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