• Geraint Evans(@ger_evs)

    Editor- [email protected]

    Geraint is the man behind the content. Editor, social media specialist and story spotter - he also keeps an eye on our jobs and event pages. He's welsh and if you're scared of introducing yourself, this is how you say his name.

  • Nick Flaherty

    Hi tech Contributor - [email protected]

    Nick Flaherty is one of the UK’s leading electronics technology journalists. Based in Bristol, he has been covering the latest developments in semiconductor, embedded software and electronics technology for the last 25 years as a writer, editor, analyst and consultant.

    His experience at the leading edge of technology has enhanced a wide range of technical trade publications around the world, including EETimes Europe and Electronic Engineering Times in the US, as well as SouthWest Innovation News, Electronics Times, Electronic Engineering and Electronics Weekly. He has edited MicroTechnology Europe and Electronic Product Design magazines and was launch editor of Automotive Electronics magazine.

  • Sarah Keates(@SarahMisskeates)

    Event Manager - [email protected]

    Sarah is helping to manage our busy event calendar and curate a few of our events.

    Her 15 years of experience in festivals and events, science communication, and creative technology, has led her to become an excellent event director, an advocate of Bristol and its creative tech hub, and recognise the importance of events to enable business growth, learning and development.

    Sarah has an unhealthy knowledge of Agatha Christie novels and likes to build interactive light sculptures in her spare time.

  • Ben Shorrock(@benshorrock)

    Managing Director - [email protected]

    Ben is MD of TechSPARK and leads on strategy, operations and our business consultancy services. He has previously managed Business Development for Invest Bristol and Bath and still helps as their Digital Sector Specialist.

    Ben moved to Bristol 5 years ago after living in Manchester and still keeps finding out new things about the city. In his spare time he likes to travel and can be found in various European cities with a glass of wine in his hand.

  • Abby Frear(@afrear)

    Director - [email protected]

    Abby manages our strategic projects such as Silicon Gorge, our investment pitch event, and SPARKies our annual awards ceremony.

    A Cornish lass, Abby Frear did a languages degree at Bath University followed by a "not very relevant to that" occupation as a Chartered Accountant in London, a Recruiter in Sydney and most recently working as Operations Manager for a tech startup based in Bath. She tends to spend her weekends outside, hiking, camping, climbing not particularly steep mountains, and getting addicted to Danish detective dramas.

  • Liz Humphries(@lizziehumphries)

    Director of Marketing - [email protected]

    Liz is our marketing and talent expert and leads on our latest initiative, Bristol Calling, which is helping to attract the best talent to the region.

  • Jamie Middleton(@jamiemid)

    Founding Editor and Director - [email protected]

    Jamie Middleton is an editor and writer with a keen interest in technology and innovation. He was previously the Digital Communications Manager at InnovateUK - the UK government's innovation agency - and the Operations Editor for -  the UK's biggest technology review site.

    He has also written for and edited numerous other technology magazines/websites such as PC Plus, Tap! The iPhone and iPad magazine, 3D World, Official Windows magazine, Computer Arts and many others. Jamie has a secret passion for comedy songs as this side project proves. He is also not very good at keeping secrets.

  • David Maher Roberts

    David Maher Roberts(@DigitalDMR)

    Founder & Chair

    David founded TechSPARK in 2013 off the back of the momentum from the SPARK networking groups in Bristol and Bath (founded with Tom Lewis in 2011) and The SPARKies Awards (founded in 2012).

    He is Managing Director of Immediate Media's Cycling & Triathlon websites and magazines. David was CEO of Peter Gabriel's music and movie recommendation engine The Filter (2007-2012) and prior to that he was on the Board at Future Publishing (2001-2007) where he was responsible for the launch of TechRadar, GamesRadar and the company's e-commerce site My Favourite Magazines.