The SPARKies People’s Choice 2017

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By popular vote, these amazing companies were shortlisted by YOU the people! The final winner will be decided by the audience on the night of the SPARKies itself, on Thursday 29 June, so don’t forget to get your tickets so you can see your vote through to fruition.

The shortlist


Description: Get instant analysis of your gender gap calculations with rich visual representations of the pay gap and workforce composition.

From nomination: “Gapsquare is an amazing cloud-based data analysis company that works to help companies close the gender pay gap. The CEO, Zara, works relentlessly to keep up a positive narrative to understanding how women and men are developed in work, the opportunities they get, their treatment when they have families and the amount they are paid over all. She has helped over 70 companies, mainly in the South West, to understand and close their gender pay gap. She even works with a large proportion of companies for free.

Gapsquare has the potential to streamline our understanding of the pay gap, and I hope, it will help make the future brighter for young women AND young men in work.”



Description: Helpfulpeeps is a community where people share their time, skills and knowledge to help each other for free.

From nomination: “Helpfulpeeps is on a mission to bring back community spirit in an increasingly disconnected world. Their platform allows people to ask for and offer help to others in their community. Founders Simon and Saf set up Helpfulpeeps in 2015 as a social experiment, receiving 6,500 sign ups within a year, prompting them to quit their corporate jobs and go full time on the idea. With Helpfulpeeps, Simon and Saf are on a mission to create a better society where people help each other out freely, rather than relying so heavily on money. Helpfulpeeps currently has members in in over 40 countries around the world, with over 15,000 members in Bristol alone, and are steadily becoming the most helpful social network around!”


Description: Keymailer connects over 300,000 YouTube & Twitch channels to games publishers – the safest, friendliest way to request & distribute game keys in the world.

From nomination: “Keymailer is the overlap between gaming and YouTube, and is the next big thing coming out of the South West. Globally, gaming revenue is bigger than music and film put together, and more YouTube video is now watched than TV. Keymailer defined the gaming video market segment, is the biggest platform globally and is fastest growing. All the team and founders are from Bristol and Bath, and there couldn’t be a better advert for the cool South West.”


Description: Bath-based software house with an academy aimed at people aspiring to learn a new digital skill.

From nomination: “Bath-based software firm Mayden has gone out of its way to plug the coding skills gap in Bath by creating its own coding academy (see The students who have completed the course are full of praise of how the academy has got them to the right place ready for a career as a developer. They are also good at encouraging diversity too:

It’s this kind of forward thinking that the Bristol and Bath region needs to ensure we have the relevant skills and people to keep it at the forefront of tech.”