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Raising awareness of the risks to our cybersecurity, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of ensuring the security of our digital infrastructure.


Awesome Events so far

bristol & bath cyber conference

09:00 - 17:00The Watershed


The highly anticipated Bristol & Bath Cyber Conference is back for 2023. After connecting with the most influential movers and shakers of the South West cyber sector at last year’s conference, we can’t wait to recreate the day with up-to-date industry knowledge.

With a blend of workshops, panel debates and 20 industry-leading speakers, this is the region’s largest cyber collective. Bristol & Bath Cyber Con is designed to support people working in the industry and celebrate the most innovative cyber startups.

Transform your business &cultivate a winning culture

9:30 - 10:30

Transforming a business and cultivating a winning culture requires a deliberate focus on the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which represents the unique value employees receive from working at an organisation. Discover steps to leverage an EVP to transform your business and foster a winning culture.

Learning to up-skillemployees

10:50 - 11:30

Understand how your organisation can close its Digital Skills Gap through its learning and development function? Learn how by implementing an effective L&D strategy, organisations can actively close their digital skills gap, enhance employee capabilities, and foster a workforce that is well-equipped for business and digital transformation.

winning hearts & minds keyto digital transformation

11:30 - 12:30

Technology, Data, Machine Learning and AI are continually evolving and trends are constantly changing. To fully leverage the benefits of a digital workplace and drive innovation, organisations must prioritise the mindsets, behaviours, and capabilities of their people. By focusing on the people aspect of digital transformation, organisations can drive innovation, adapt to changing trends, and create a workforce that thrives in a digital environment.

Diversifying thetech ecosystem

13:30 - 14:45

Part 1: Why D&I talent strategies fail before
they Begin?

Part 2: Congratulations, you’ve recruited D&I talent Now What?

Challenges of being afemale leader in tech

14:45 - 15:30

Mixing the duties of parenthood with the responsibilities of high-level leadership roles, Women in Leadership encounter a special set of difficulties. We will examine the methods and attitudes that successful executive women employ to succeed at both home and at business. Discover practical strategies for success, maintaining work-life balance, and overcoming obstacles, including gender bias and discrimination in the workplace. Leave feeling empowered and equipped to thrive in executive leadership while also nurturing a fulfilling personal life.

What's all the fuss aboutPsychological Safety?

15:50 - 16:45

Psychological safety has gained significant attention in recent years because it has been found to have a profound impact on productivity and innovation within organisations. At this event we will take a deep-dive into why psychological safety is important and how it can influence productivity and innovation.


Ghyston Breakfast Club

8AM - Engine Shed


Cyber Conference

9AM - The Watershed


Build your own business software

9:30AM - Science Creates


FinTech Talent Showcase

1:30PM - Amdaris



1:30PM - Wellspring Settlement


Energy Centric Computing - making West of England the Capital

2PM - West of England Combined Authority


How to Craft A Powerful Identity For Research And Innovation

3PM - Engine Shed


From startup to scale-up: your brand evolution

3:30PM - Paramount


Tech meets sustainable clothing

6PM - Engine Shed


Agile Insights: Navigating the Tech Landscape with Inclusivity

6PM - Online


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