Zynstra_NickEastZynstra, a company offering an exciting new approach to IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses [SMBs], is brimming with confidence. And so it should be. Having launched in July 2013, after just three months the IT service providers received a £2.4m funding round to help take it’s SMB-focused hybrid cloud forward.

What’s the story behind their innovative approach?

“SMBs get a raw deal when it comes to IT,” explains Zynstra CEO Nick East (pictured above). “For them, IT is often a hindrance rather than the competitive advantage it typically is for larger companies. We give them big company IT, with the capability and reliability they cannot normally hope to receive, but at a small company price”.

The hybrid model

Specialising in a hybrid-mix of cloud and on-site IT services, Zynstra offers fixed pay-monthly plans combining networking, email servers, security protection, and file and data management options. Users can also mix-and-match what data is held on or off-site and control where applications are running from.

Versatility, both in price and services provided, is Zynstra’s big selling point. Computing via the cloud means that on-site management and maintenance of IT can be kept to a minimum for the business user, being left to the Zynstra team instead. Clients are not paying for a product that they have to constantly update, but rather a fully integrated service that provides a higher level of performance relative to price.

This is plug-and-play hassle-free IT, letting the people running the business actually get on with what they should be concentrating on, rather than dealing with emailing issues, server updates, and all those other things which get in the way of actual work.

“We provide big company IT, but at a small company price”


Firm focus

While Zynstra is equipped to deal with clients big or small, it’s clear that the company is geared towards SMBs. Yet, in an industry full of established competitors, we were keen to understand why they felt the need to enter the market? As CEO Nick East explains, it is not only a matter of financial constraints holding back small businesses, but also a lack of cohesive systems to suit their position.

“Currently, SMBs have several options when looking to address their IT requirements: they can purchase a mix of scaled down enterprise products, sign up for an all-cloud solution, or build and manage their own IT. All these options require them either to compromise on functionality, security or control, or invest significant upfront capital, as well as requiring ongoing manual management and intervention. They’re neither scalable nor future proof.”

The need to stay “future proof”, is highlighted further by the end of support of Windows Server 2003 next July. “Right now, businesses worldwide are facing a once-in-a-decade IT refresh”, East says. “Around 35-45% of SMBs have at least one of these servers running, and need to act to ensure their IT remains compliant and supported.

Overseas ambitions

zynstra_colour_logoFor Zynstra, the future looks bright. Having attracted investors and clients in the UK, the team are fast making a big impression overseas, with numbers of customers and partners in the US and Europe growing quickly.

Nick is clear as to the company’s global ambitions: “We receive requests every week from businesses or partners from as far afield as South America, the Middle East and Asia. In five years time I would expect us to have partners and delighted customers in all these locations, and all of this to be delivered by our phenomenal technology team here in Bath.”

To find out how Zynstra’s world-beating service could improve your IT systems, visit their website, or follow the team @Zynstra.