Greg Ingham from MediaclashMediaClash has a track record for producing high-quality freemium titles, which are delivered to huge swathes of the South West. They’re not your average, bog-standard publisher, though.

The team take an all-encompassing approach to business that also sees them operate as a digital creative agency for external clients.

We caught up with Founder and Chief Executive, Greg Ingham to find out more.

TechSPARK: Greg, what’s the story behind MediaClash?

Greg Ingham: I used to be CEO and UK Managing Director of Future Publishing, overseeing titles such as Edge, PC Gamer and Official Nintendo Magazine.

Having such a strong background meant that we – my wife, Jane, and I – felt encouraged to start our own diverse-yet-integrated media company: MediaClash was born in 2006.

We publish magazines, organise events, and design and build websites – both for ourselves and for our clients. Our agency will also create brands, run social media campaigns and handle multiple marketing needs for our customers. Additionally, we have a media consultancy, advising creative and tech companies.

We now employ 50-odd people, publish 12 magazines and run over 50 events annually, whilst also designing a wide range of websites.

TS: Why did you choose to take this multi-faceted approach?

GI: We want to be a distinctive, creative company with a plural offering so we can adapt as media continues to change. We also have a clear sense of purpose – celebrating the cities in which we operate and helping clients develop their business.

“We want to be a distinctive, creative company with a plural offering so we can adapt as media continues to change”


It’s a bit of a rarity being a publisher and an agency. Our view is that one informs the other. And not only does it indicate proof of concept for clients – we do this stuff ourselves, as well as for them – it provides a freshness and diversity of work for our teams.

TS: What are your success stories so far?

GI: Surviving the recession; we had ambitious growth plans just as the recession kicked in, and I guess the fact we’re still here proves our approach really works. Winning a national food magazine award with our foodie title Crumbs after just three issues was also a huge coup, and I’m hugely proud of the sheer range and diversity of our web work.

We won a huge contract with a videogame company in California; we create sites for complex, content-rich and/or e-commerce businesses; and also help launch numerous SMEs across the West Country.

TS: What are you working on at the moment?

GI: Our biggest integrated media piece goes live very soon – website, brand, SEO, social media, print ads – and it’s in the sports nutrition area. Keep your eyes on our Twitter feed for future announcements.

bath life

Mags entertainment: Just three of MediaClash’s many publications

MediaClash’s diversity is illustrated by another new project: the very successful launch of our wedding magazine, Vow – where we instantly increased the print frequency on launch.

TS: How can people get involved in your projects?

GI: One way is to come along to an event we run, either for ourselves or for clients such as Creative Bath. Or, depending on where you live, you can pick up one of our mags, like Clifton Life or Bath Life.

TS: On Bath, what advantages are there to being based in the city?

GI: Aside from its sheer beauty, which should never be underestimated, it’s also an inspiring place for a creative or tech business to be placed. It’s great for recruitment, for attracting talent out of London and also for clients – whether local or those who will always find time to come to Bath.

“Bath’s burgeoning reputation nationally means yet more clever companies are moving or setting up here”


“And with such a tech/creative cluster, it’s very strong for partnerships. Its burgeoning reputation nationally means yet more clever companies are moving or setting up here.

As a small city it’s very walkable, yet it also supports a far wider cultural and culinary offering than a 90k-population city would do normally. It’s ranked number four in the Top 10 of UK cultural cities, ahead of all others in the west, and is one of the Top 10 most creative UK cities. It’s just great, really…

TS: There’s certainly plenty of talent out there, and you were on the judging panel for the SPARKies awards this year. Did you enjoy the event?

GI: Yes. The SPARKies are a great way to get everyone together to celebrate the inordinately smart and exciting tech work in Bath. It was a great night.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Greg. You can follow MediaClash on Twitter to see what’s happening near your part of the South West. Don’t forget to follow us while you’re there!