KeepCupTEDxBristol, organisers of the South West’s TED-style conference for inspirational and thought-provoking speakers on 11 November, will be taking things one step further in their quest of ‘ideas worth spreading’ with a series of innovative ways to make this year’s event as environmentally friendly as possible.

“For TEDxBristol, being a low-environmental impact event was a no-brainer”

And what better place to use tech to create an eco-friendly event than in Bristol, the 2015 European Green Capital!

With help from some of Bristol’s finest green businesses, including Bristol 2015 Green Capital, TEDxBristol will be reducing its waste footprint whilst putting a smile on the faces of their guests.

Starting with the reusable coffee cup, KeepCup (pictured above), which also featured at green-tech filled Venturefest Bristol & Bath last year, TEDxBristol will be saving the environment – one disposable coffee cup at a time.

TEDxBristol’s Event Curator and Producer, Mel Rodrigues, told us: “So many TED talks are about how we can be kinder to our planet and more innovative with our finite resources, so for TEDxBristol, being a low-environmental impact event was a no-brainer really.”

“In Bristol’s year as Green Capital, we wanted to make a big contribution to being a city with green intentions”


“Rather than just talking about it we wanted to be the change and find ways to be creative and smart with our event. Especially in Bristol’s year as Green Capital, we wanted to make a big contribution to being a city with green intentions, and we hope that some of the things we’ve put in place will inspire other people, other non-profit organisations and local events/venues to do the same.”

Green expectations

TEDxBristol-appBut it wouldn’t be a Bristol event without some top green tech – and that’s where Bristol-based digital agency Rockpool Digital come in. Creators of TEDxBristol’s first app, the team will not only be responsible for creating a practically paper free event but also for an refreshingly new and interactive programme to satisfy our geeky tech needs – whilst saving a tree or two along the way!

We caught up with Cat Squire – Rockpool Digital’s Project Manager – following the launch of the app to find out more.

Chatting to Cat about what Rockpool Digital are about and how they got involved with TEDxBristol, she tells us: “We design and build personal, digital experiences, and we help big brands solve real, human problems for their customers”.

“The app uses iBeacon technology to greet delegates as they enter the venue”


“Our founder and CEO Bruce Griffin had registered for a previous TEDxBristol event and received an email about partnership and sponsorship opportunities so got in touch with the team about how Rockpool could help. Bruce is a huge fan of TED and we’re really excited about being able to support the event.”

Tech for good

Not stopping at helping to save the environment, the app has a number of innovative interactive features, adding new dimensions to the standard brochure.

“Playing on the great expectations theme, you can tag the speakers with key themes before and after their talks”


Cat explains: “The app uses iBeacon technology to greet delegates as they enter the venue. You can also rate and tag each speaker before and after the event based on the main event themes, such as funny, inspiring, ingenious etc. This plays on the great expectations theme and creates a fun element to the app. ”


Eco-App: As well as finding out more about the speakers, you can
use the app to find local bus and cycle routes to the TEDxBristol venue


Fun and connected, but practical too, the app can be updated easily if information changes. It can also be used to send notifications about speakers and other useful information at the touch of a button.

Talking of even more handy extra features, Cat adds: “The app is really useful in the lead up to the event – you can use it to find out how to get to the venue and find out where the shuttle buses and organised cycle routes are going from around the city.”

The TEDxBristol app is available for download for free – just search for ‘TEDxBristol’ in your phone’s app store. You can also follow the exciting lead-up to this year’s TEDxBristol event by following them on Twitter at: @TEDxBristol.

Want to see the inspiring speakers in all their glory? TEDxBristol Tickets are available via the Colston Hall website.

Partners in TEDxBristol’s green-fingered glory also include ecosurety who specialise in sustainable business practices and waste & resource management, PR company OggaDoon who have worked extensively in the low carbon and green business sector, and non-profit green event curators Love the Future who were responsible for the hugely successful Bristol Green Week.

Alice Whale