nook-do-bristolFor those of us who loved building dens as children, we all know there’s something very comforting hiding away in our own private space and curling up with a good book.

Yet, with modern workspaces increasingly embracing the open-plan style of working, it’s not been so easy to create intimate spaces and embrace the best of both worlds in an office environment – until now.

Bristol-based Do Company has created Nook – the new and highly mobile ‘agile-working’ enclosure which combines a quiet intimate space for focused activities, with an inviting and flexible environment for collaboration.

And with tech incubator and co-working space, the Engine Shed, trying them out for size with its very first production units, we thought we’d have a chat with Nook’s Founder, David O’Coimin to find out more.

Home from home

Inspired by a bookshelf with a ‘nook’ built in, David quickly realised there was a gap in the market for a workspace equivalent that’s both easily accessible and affordable. He tells us: “I could just feel the value and relevance of that semi-privacy – how easy it could be to create that in what might otherwise be quite an open or public space.

“Nook achieves an equilibrium between private and open”


“So I decided to address the need, as I saw it, for modular adaptable agile-working furniture. The sort that fits among people who expect more from their environment. Those who are perhaps frustrated that it’s not easy to acquire solutions like this without hiring a designer and committing a large budget to something bespoke.”

Check out the video below to hear about Nook from its Founder, David O’Coimin.


He adds: “Nook achieves an equilibrium between private and open which allows it to function for both equally well.”

Nook Tech

Designed in an inviting house shape, Nook features everything you might need for comfortable working including two movable bench seats, a work desk, acoustic soundproofing upholstery, mains & USB power outlets. The pod even has even colour controllable lighting which can be adjusted for mood, as well as assisting those with symptoms of dyslexia or visual stress who require a certain level of colour of lighting to be able to read.


Finding a Nook: TechSPARK’s Assistant Editor, Alice – writing about Nook, from a Nook!


And this is just the start, with exciting technical plans in the bag including solar panels and overnight charging for a cable-free version, as well as Bluetooth/Wi-Fi-speakers and monitors for easy conference calls – there’s no stopping Nook and its vision of the perfect workspace.

“We’re working hard to establish Nook as the work pod of choice for open offices and co-working spaces in the UK”


David adds: “Going further we are interested in investigating Nook fleet management with GSM positioning, integration into meeting room booking systems with coordinated lighting changes to visualise availability.

“We’re also looking to incorporate sensors to provide data to management dashboards on usage, environmental conditions, decibels and power consumption – all of which can plug into an organisation’s carbon footprint and aid understanding of its infrastructure.”

A thirst for inventing

With the proof of concept in the bag at the Engine Shed, Nook is getting ready for a wider launch. David explains: “With three versions in production – nook work, nook work slim and nook home – we are currently in negotiation with dealers and intermediaries to carry Nook to the market in general or to their customers specifically

“We’re always hungry to meet curious, capable minds with similar spirits and thirst for inventing and adventure”


“We’re also working hard to establish Nook as the work pod of choice for open offices and co-working spaces in the UK, as well as experimenting with new materials and considering where next to exhibit and demo.”

As a company that’s inspired by quirky and clever inventions, David’s always keen to connect with anyone up for getting involved in Nook. He tells us: “We would love to hear from anyone who thinks they can contribute in some way along the Nook journey.


Making an entrance: Nook’s first production units ready for use at the Engine Shed

“We attend numerous meetups and get together’s and are always hungry to meet curious, capable minds with similar spirits and thirst for inventing and adventure.

“Contact us directly to find out what we’ll be attending or exhibiting at next, or to make an appointment to discuss collaboration or a business opportunity.”

To get in touch with David, drop him an email at: You can also follow Nook on Twitter: @nook_pod or on Instagram: @nook.pod. To find out how to order your own Nook, visit the Nook website.