Interested in learning to code but have very limited experience in the sector? Bath-based Mayden Academy‘s 16-week course may just be the thing for you.

The company wants to encourage people to embrace coding by providing the best training they deem possible to get you developer ready.

mike-oram-from-mayden-academyWe caught up with Mike Oram (pictured right), the Lead Trainer and Software Developer at Mayden, to find out more about this training course. “The main expectation students should have when joining the academy is a role as a junior developer upon graduation, that is our aim.”

The programme promises you can learn to code in just 4 months. Mike adds, “Along the way, students will have the opportunity to achieve industry recognised qualifications such as Certified Scrum Master and Zend Certified PHP Engineer, they will develop a portfolio of work and have the chance to learn from leading professionals in the software industry.”

“[The course is] designed to take students with little or no coding experience through all the skills they will need”


Mike also ensures you can expect: “A friendly, team-based environment that will support your development and take a genuine interest in your career.” The Mayden Academy team truly are there to support you – and with class sizes kept to a size of 10 people max, you can receive all the help you need.

If this sounds like something that you’d like to delve into, sign up for Mayden Academy’s April intake today – but hurry, the deadline for applications is 10 February 2017.

lucia-velascoPast student, Lucia Velasco (pictured left), encourages those considering the course to get involved. “I can confidently say that the teaching and course structure by trainer Mike Oram is some of the clearest and most supportive around,” says Lucia. “Mike adapted to our learning styles and grasp of the subject, always asking for feedback and offering extra support.”

And, this year, there is even a scholarship available for one or two exceptional students – so what are you waiting for?

Developing your skills

mayden-academyMayden Academy endeavours to provide a first-rate education. The curriculum is updated every year to keep ahead of the curve and aligned to the latest tech, but Mike tells us: “We cover full stack development which means students will learn how to build the front-end of an application, with designs, layouts and user interactions.”

He adds, “We then teach back-end or server-side development, giving students the ability to manipulate and store data, building systems such as user logins, blogs and even a Blackjack card game engine.”

“I came out not just knowing how to write code but actually how to be a developer, I came out with a career”


Lucia explains more about the structure: “The course is generally divided into a learning week, broken up by mini-challenges and tasks, and a project week, during which we use scrum (an implementation of agile methodology used by many software companies) to deliver a project.

“Many of these are whole-team projects, where the students collaborate to deliver products in exactly the same way the other developers in the building produce theirs. This industry-standard experience was invaluable and has helped all the graduates to fit into our future roles with ease. But aside from the valuable experience, I grew really close to my team and enjoyed every minute.”

Skilled or non-skilled welcome

Mayden Academy encompasses everything you need to become a junior software developer. Mike explains the course is, “designed to take students with little or no coding experience through all the skills they will need.”

“The value is probably unmatched across the UK, I can’t praise it highly enough as the intensive course for a career in software development”


But of course more experienced individuals can benefit from attending Mayden Academy too – this year, the team have decided to give you the unique opportunity to select the modules you wish to take part in rather than committing to the full, extensive course.

mayden-academy-2Lucia has high praise for the course. “The Academy supports varied learning styles, it’s comprehensive, relaxed, stimulating and up-to-date,” she says. “The value is probably unmatched across the UK, I can’t praise it highly enough as the intensive course for a career in software development in the UK.”

She tells us, “The highlight for me was the Javascript module, during which the students teamed together to produce a Christmas maze game. Using Javascript was incredibly rewarding, we stormed through the learning half of the module and worked hard right up to the deadline to produce an appealing, addictive game which was used by hundreds of people!

“At the Academy, we are taught and implement Agile Scrum, during that module I was scrum master (team facilitator) which was a really fun challenge and excellent experience – I’m a scrum master at my current company!”

Lucia is now working for Bath-based software agency and tech incubator Rocketmakers, something which Mayden Academy helped her achieve: “I loved the Academy, I came out not just knowing how to write code but actually how to be a developer, I came out with a career.”

You’ll be opened up to some unique opportunities throughout your time at Mayden Academy. The academy acknowledges the purpose of the course is to be work ready, so you can expect introductions to local businesses to help secure employment before the education is over.

Lucia says, “The content was concise but thorough, with training on the current best practices and information on outdated standards and why we no longer use them, so that we can recognise and respond to them if we encounter them.

“We were also given the tools and depth of understanding to keep learning after the Academy, preparing us for the real world. The pace is challenging, but we were offered support the whole way through. Both Mike and the students are very passionate and motivated, which makes the atmosphere energetic and focused.”

Sign yourself up

Mayden Academy doesn’t discriminate; there are a few basic entry requirements but the team don’t want anyone to be deterred from applying to the programme.

Mike explains that as long as you’re over 18-years-old you will need, “a minimum of 4 GCSEs (including Maths and English at Grade C or above) and two or more A-level passes or an equivalent further education certificate.” You certainly won’t hear the ‘over-qualified’ phrase either – Mike iterates the academy won’t turn away those who have more advanced qualifications.

mayden-academy-logoSo, wondering how to be the perfect candidate to bag yourself a place? Luckily for you, Mike has produced a blog outlining just that! You can take a read about how to be a standout applicant here.

Thanks to Mike and Lucia for taking the time to talk to us. You can sign up for Mayden Academy’s course now, or find out more about what’s included from Mayden Academy’s website. You can also give them a follow on Twitter here: @MaydenTweets.