A Bristol startup has used its technology to develop engineering workflows in the cloud as part of a project with Airbus.

Zenotech, an Oracle Silver partner, worked with the Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) in Bristol, the University of Liverpool, and Sogeti to create engineering workflows in the cloud through Amazon AWS and IBM Hyperledger.

Marc Fischer, the Head of Flight Physics at Airbus, wanted to use cloud technology for future aircraft development along with data science and the Internet of Things. Zenotech used its EPIC (Elastic, Private, Interactive, Cloud) tool to manage high-performance supercomputers on demand, managing hardware and software requirements, data security, and licensing.

The team used a workflow from Amazon AWS to show how they could choose resources, and optimise the workflow and the costs. The data was accessible and contextualised for the engineers, for example with Airbus Structures receiving a different simulation than Airbus Flight Physics. Another strand of this project was all about proving the applicability of commodity tools, such as blockchain to secure data whilst it is being used by cloud resources.

“New digital services will be a major enabler for us at Airbus to open up a better support to our customers but also to give new services that they haven’t dreamed of yet and to steer our supply chain and engineering efforts,” said Michael Augello, Head of Policy, Development and Integration at Airbus.

The results of the project will have a huge impact for Airbus as well as their digital supply chain partners with less expensive engineering processes, quicker design iterations, and higher aircraft performance, says Zenotech’s co-director, David Standingford

“We are proud to have demonstrated the impact of our EPIC platform by responding directly and agilely to the needs of Airbus. These digital solutions will help to optimise workflows, future-proofing Airbus and the UK aerospace engineering sector more broadly,” he said.

Zenotech work closely with Oracle in Bristol and its EPIC tool can be found on their website