As well as landing one of Channel 4’s two Creative Hubs, Bristol has also ranked in the top ten places for cybersecurity, AI, startup co-working spaces and good city growth in reports in the last week.

“It’s fantastic to see Bristol recognised again as a top 10 city for tech clusters,” said John Bradford, chief executive of High Tech Bristol and Bath. “In addition to leading pure-cyber tech companies such as Immersive Labs and LuJam, we are home to leading cyber engineering teams in network architecture, aerospace & defence, IoT, chip design, and increasingly fintech. We are also supporting the cyber cluster in delivering an innovative 1-day regional cyber experience (in partnership with the National organisations) for over 240 young people to inform their GCSE choices and highlight the opportunities that cyber presents. We believe that this long-term approach is key to securing the region as a leading destination for cyber security firms.”

The 2018 Cyber Security City Ranking from cyber security training firm Crucial Academy identifies the best cities for cyber security professionals, with Reading, Leeds and Cardiff topping the table and Bristol in the top ten, looking at salary, affordability, job availability and tech sector growth potential.

On AI the region hosts the world’s leading AI chip designer, Graphcore, but has also key players. The latest report from the Big Innovation Centre with Deep Knowledge Analytics and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence identifies London is the European capital of AI, with significant clusters in Edinburgh, Belfast, Bristol and Cambridge, putting it in the top five.

Prof Alan Winfield at the University of the West of England is identified as the leading academic on AI, while Dr Joanna Bryson Department of Computer Science, University of Bath and affiliated with the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University is also cited as a key influencer.

In a ranking by MoneySupermarket, Bristol was third in the UK after Edinburgh and Leeds for co-working space for startups. The ranking identified 47 co-working spaces for over 19,000 startups in the city, with high-speed broadband and range of funding options.

Bristol also ranks fifth in a study by pwc and think tank Demos on the best cities in the UK. The Good Growth for Cities ranking uses 10 factors, from jobs to housing and transport. Bristol ranks behind Oxford, Reading, Southampton and Milton Keynes but substantially ahead of Cambridge and London. The West of England Combined Authority is also the leading such authority in the UK, and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership also scores highly.

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