Technology from Bristol companies has been at the heart of many demonstrations at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) show in Barcelona.

The show brings together the entire mobile and wireless industry around the world, and are a great showcase for companies such as Blu Wireless Technology, Zeetta Networks and KETS Quantum Security working with global partners.

For example, Sivers IMA and Blu Wireless have jointly achieved connection speeds over 1Gbit/s during live outdoor testing over a distance of 700 meters.

Sivers IMA’s RF technology is combined with Blu Wireless’s millimetre wave technology in the world’s first and only unlicensed 5G solution of its kind with full coverage of the 57 – 71 GHz band. This opens up many opportunities for new applications of unlicensed 5G technology, from high-speed transport to consumer 5G networking.

Blu Wireless is also working with Japanese firm Fujikura on WiGig networking at 60-71 GHz as well as licensed 5G at 24.0-29.5 GHz.

“I am thrilled to see the great team work and great effort put in to make the exposure at this show a reality and I am proud to show our ultra-low loss LCP antenna solution that can deliver ultimate connectivity with fibre-like capacity,” said Kenji Nishide, Managing Executive Officer at Fujikura.

“We are excited to be able to demonstrate the first fruits of our 5G mmWave collaboration with Fujikura and Sivers IMA. By combining our uniquely flexible HYDRA modem and networking technology with the RF and manufacturing capabilities of our partners we are showing what a strong ecosystem we have already built – and will continue to build together for the future,” said CEO of Blu Wireless, Henry Nurser.

A third demonstration of the Blu Wireless technology on the AirSpan stand is part of the AutoAir project, delivering 5G data to a high speed Mclaren sports car.

Meanwhile Zeetta is launching the latest version of its ground-breaking technology. NetOS Rapide is an advanced software-defined network controller (SDN-C) with a suite of tools that support the deployment of temporary or “pop-up” networks such as the recent network at a basketball game at the Aston Gate Stadium. The software provides full visibility, control and management of networks with all kinds of different technologies through a single PC.

Rapide is based around Zeetta’s NetOS software with hardware such as WiFi Access Points and LTE small cells. The hardware form factor can be varied according to the environment or the customer preferences, and the technology works with all kinds of network equipment from many different companies.

KETS is also demonstrating its optical quantum encryption technology following work with companies such as Airbus and Boeing and raising £2m.


Nick Flaherty