All this week on TechSPARK we’ll be highlighting a couple of events from this year’s Bristol’s Technology Festival – just in time for you to sign up for the next day. If you’d like to see all the events hosted each day head to the BTF website.


Our Wednesday picks for Bristol Tech Fest

The South West Innovation Support Landscape

08:45 – 13:30, Wednesday 6 November @ Engine Shed

This event is a half-day practical masterclass on innovation. It is a great opportunity for businesses to discover new ways of how to create, scale and grow by utilising practical examples, tool kits and talks from the people in the know-how – including those working in emerging sectors such as Immersive and Deep Tech.

At the Support Landscape, you’ll learn about funding, grants and other support available from sources such as Innovate UK, as well as advice on how to access international markets.

Check out the event page for a full agenda breakdown!


AI in Health and Care – how do we innovate responsibility?

14:30 – 17:00, Wednesday 6 November @ Engine Shed

AI offers life-changing and cost-saving outcomes for health and care, but this doesn’t come without its challenges.
This event will look at the practical applications of AI in health-tech as well as debate the complex issues surrounding the use of AI. Aimed at both subject newcomers and experts from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, the day will be in our usual interactive style, wrapped up with friendly networking.
We’ll distil some of the discussions and themes from the Anthropology & Technology Conference, where the role of social scientists in helping develop socially-responsible AI will be explored. Hear from speakers ranging from companies, policy influencers and technology experts working in this area, followed by a panel Q&A and open discussion.


Accessibility: Create a product that cares

18:30 – 21:00, Wednesday November @ Engine Shed

What is accessibility? Why is it important when building new products? How can it affect your business? These questions and more will be discussed at length at this talk and panel event.

In an age where tech is penetrating most areas of our lives, it is as important as ever to make sure that they are accessible for all. The dawn of this techie era has the power to reach out to previously isolated communities, providing them with access and create stronger links with society – however, new tech can also have a tendency to leave some individuals behind.

We traditionally think of accessibility as being an issue for developers and designers. We will show how in fact accessibility is a concern for the whole team such as management, marketing and your bottom line.

Check out the event page for a full agenda breakdown – also note that talks and panels for this event will be close/ live captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

Also on Wednesday: