Alongside this year’s Silicon Gorge: Autumn Edition we’re publishing profiles of a few of the companies that have made it through to the heats. This week, it’s GoalScanner, a Bristol-based company developing an automated match recap service for football.

Here to answer our questions is GoalScanner’s founder Roger Clark.

What does your company do?

GoalScanner is for players & coaches at local venues & leagues, it sees the goals and other action then automatically edits your match highlights video.

What problem are you trying to solve?

For Players & Coaches – trying to capture that amazing goal (or amusing mishap) is tricky and time consuming. For Venue Managers & League Operators we provide a differentiator to stand out from the competition and energise their existing client base.

What makes your solution unique?

Intelligent algorithms automatically detect the best bits from the game so the players simply have to turn up and play.

What are you most proud of so far?

We’ve built a working MVP and engaged with a local sports centre to set up our first customer facing installation. This achievement is based on part-time working and enthusiasm from people that have helped out along the way.

How much are you raising and what do you want to use investment for?

We need 150-200k for software development to make our existing MVP more robust and scalable, and to invest in full-time resources.

What tools/people/services/organisations helped you most?

I’d like to thank our software developer Mark Grimes as well as valuable support from the virtual Natwest Business Accelerator in Bristol and the Bristol Business Brainstorm.

Where can we find out more about you?

Please take a look at the website

Geraint Evans