To kick things off for Digital Transformation Month, our friends at ADLIB have been doing a deep dive into what talent the digital transformation sector already has in the South West, and what skills are in demand.

Take a look at their Digital Transformation Sector Talent and Skills Overview, specifically for the South West, based on ADLIB internal data and knowledge.

Digital Transformation Sector overview

Digital Transformation has been on companies’ agendas for a while, successfully delivering programmes of work, digitalising services and adapting to a mobile and digital first approach to reflect market needs.

It has always been important to ensure the customer has a good experience, from the first time they visit a company website, to the successful delivery of their product or service. All organisations should strive for continuous improvement of their customer journey, anything a customer may come into contact with, whether that’s a website, mobile app, customer portal, customer service or the actual process itself.

In response to the emergence of COVID 19, a vast majority of businesses have ramped up their efforts and prioritised digitalising their offering, fast-tracking transformation programmes and labelling them as business-critical to ensure tools, advice, information, and services can keep running.

Such prioritisation is evident across a broad spectrum of industries, from GOV.UK offering COVID advice, through to retailers boosting their online presence due to shop closures. This shift in focus has seen eCommerce sales increase by 46% in 2020, and whilst society gets back to normality, this business model is sure to stay.

Digital Transformation Talent overview

Bristol’s talent market continues to flourish thanks to the concentration of high-quality education establishments, an ever-growing intake of relocators seeking a better quality of life, and a vast number of tech meetup communities. With a long-term shift towards greater remote working, the pool of talent is expanding extensively which enables businesses to hire candidates with strong skills and experiences from new geographies, and arguably with lower salary expectations.

Digital Transformation Skills in demand

There is strong demand across the board for Project, Product and Programme Managers in addition to Scrum Masters and Business Analysts who have skills and experience in the delivery of large scale, complex digital transformation projects.

These projects will entail working cross functionally with multi-skilled colleagues and stakeholders, potentially across multiple businesses and countries, and are of vital importance to the ongoing success of a business’s digital offering.

The sector is one that continues to grow at an impressive rate, with a clear skills gap so we’re doing our bit to help bridge the gap by working closely with a select number of clients and candidates whilst promoting initiatives, meet ups and training programmes to attract and teach more people to the sector.

Main Image: Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

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