Meet Behind Login, the organisation helping you to grow your competitive advantage. The Financial Services & Fintech company was founded in 2021 with one sole director and five consultants/ advisors and became a SETsquared Bristol member in January 2022.

Here to answer our 10 questions is founder, Oliver Lane – read the interview here or watch the full video below!

Meet Behind Login

"It's like the 6 degrees of separation, meeting one person has led to more and more people and through that, I’ve had some brilliant advice, challenges, questions, and opportunities."

— Oliver Lane, Founder of Behind Login

1 – In your own words – what do you do?

We do competitor research to help our clients to maintain and grow their competitive advantage.

2 – What’s the most exciting thing about what you’re doing?

We’re focusing on the rapidly growing FinTech market where there are new propositions and products popping up every day. There has been tremendous growth of Financial Services / FinTech Venture Capital funding over the last few years, and competition is fierce. 

We’re helping businesses cut through the noise and understand their competitors in this rapidly changing market. A guy I used to work for in Bristol, and a very successful entrepreneur, called Mark Mason said to me when I told him about the idea “in the gold rush the people making the real money were the ones selling the spades” And it’s that focus that is exciting for us.

3 – What are you most proud of so far?

Business cards! Might sound a little silly and cringe but getting business cards printed with our branding and logo has been really cool and cements the business in reality.

4 – What have you found most difficult about being a startup?

Leaving a job I really enjoyed and was well paid to do. Due to my previous role, managing the mobile apps of a big investment platform in the UK, there was a conflict of interest with Behind Login, so that meant I had to step away from that entirely before starting Behind Login, and that leap of faith before having any clients or a pipeline of work was really hard. 

5 – What would you do differently if you started now?

We’re still fairly new (operating for 4 weeks), so there’s not a huge amount I’d change. The idea has been in the making for about 6 months, working on evenings and weekends, and I think I was too eager to get a website built, buy domain names, setup email accounts etc before I’d fully validated the proposition and business model. This all costs money takes time which could have been used more effectively at the start.

6 – Where do you think you’ll be in 12 months?

Hopefully we’ll have a good pipeline of consultancy work, and have the foundations and MVP for our competitors research platform and a small team to support that.

7 – What tools/people/services/organisations from the cluster have helped you most?

Mainly the connections and meeting people. It’s like the 6 degrees of separation, meeting one person has led to more and more people and through that I’ve had some brilliant advice, challenges, questions, and opportunities.

8 – What’s the best thing about the Bristol & Bath tech cluster?

The willingness to help and just to have a conversation. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learnt in building a business – people are willing to help and share their craft. And that’s been a huge help to me.

9 – Where can we find out more about you? or LinkedIn.