This article was produced for techSPARK’s Leadership Month, sponsored by The Conscious Leadership Co (TCLC). ‘Purpose’ is the final blog in the Five Pillars of Conscious Leadership series. Read on to learn about how you can identify and communicate your organisation’s purpose. Make sure to catch up on the other four pillars: Awake, Resilience, Growth & Together. 

By Rosie Wintour, Head of Content at TCLC.

The essence of what led you to start your enterprise is what will sustain both you and the organisation in the future.

Being able to connect with and recall the early vision you had and the energy that gave you, can be an essential source of motivation to your clients, stakeholders and your team. Building a sense of purpose into the narrative of your organisation and consistently reminding yourself of it is often the unique point of difference you need, to persist through difficult times.

The rapidity with which you need to pivot on a daily basis can be alarming and disorientating at times which is why the ultimate purpose and vision needs to be crystal clear to you and those you work with. 

Having clarity of vision will deliver the focus needed to keep you fixed on long-term success and less likely to be buffered by setbacks along the way. Winning the hearts and minds of those who are working with you will be determined by your skill in communicating and inspiring this vision in others. 

As leaders, we have the opportunity to bring others together to achieve something more than they would manage to do on their own. Our sense of meaning is derived from the impact that we have on others and on the world around us. 

It is an inherent human trait to want to be engaged in meaningful work. Being able to connect our daily tasks with something bigger than what’s right in front of us is the key to achieving a greater sense of meaning.  

Research shows that if you align people to do what they are passionate about, they will figure out how to create value. That goes for founders too! It can be especially rewarding for leaders when you can see alignment, synergy and a team all driven to achieve the same goal.

So, how do you stay connected with your vision and purpose? Try spending some time reflecting on the following: 

  • What inspired you to do what you do in the first place? 
  • How often do you tell your story – of what brought you here? 
  • What difference has your vision made – to you and others? 
  • How are you keeping the story behind your vision alive? 
  • How connected are your team to your vision and the excitement behind what you are trying to create?