Inclusive Angels

Inclusive Angels

Our mission is inclusive investing. Inclusive angels, founders and ways of investing.

Founders and investors who reflect the diversity of society, create businesses who reflect and serve the needs of a diverse society. New ways of investing that recognises all founders and achievements, ultimately picks the best businesses to invest in. Join our open conversations, to help create an inclusive environment for all to succeed.

We exist to …

???? Share learnings on what inclusive investing looks like

???? Share the compelling case for investing in underestimated founders

???? Encourage underrepresented angel investors

????????????????????????????????‍♂️Be a network and community of inclusive-minded investors, advisers and founders

What we do …

???? We invest inclusively (as individuals)

???? We share research and thought leadership

???? We host open conversations as roundtables, webinars and events

???? We connect inclusive-minded investors, advisers and founders.

We collaborate with other organisations, especially the campaigners who are angel schools, angel syndicates or accelerators (we’re not any of these).

Our Partnerships

We’re a non-profit organisation. We fund our initiatives through voluntary time, plus funding support from Newtons Theory. Our Values We value being inclusive, collaborative, challenging and learning.

Ben Oliver

Ben is our Social Media Manager, he oversees all the content that goes out on our channels, including the latest articles, interviews and events to keep you updated with everything tech in the South West.