Yusra Shaeik

Yusra is a motivated technician with experience working in multiple fast-paced, ever-changing environments. They are a Technical Director at Dial A Geek, where they work closely with clients, as well as managing all Dial A Geek projects and their Projects Team. They're also MTA certified.

Marissa Lewis-Peart

Marissa is a UX Consultant, Board Director and Public Speaker with a passion for how people experience brands.With a Visual Communications degree in Graphic Communication, she began her career as a Graphic Designer specialising in Brand Design & Brand Strategy.

Angela Loveridge

The founder of Better Together - Online Safety, Angela is passionate about helping parents, carers and professionals to keep children safe online. Her passion and approach to online safety has earned a nomination for the NSPCC/AoCPP award for Child Protection Trainer of the Year.