Julia Kemp

Julia is a Head of Growth at IOV Labs, the foundation behind the layer 2 blockchain Rootstock. She has nearly ten years of marketing experience working as a consultant to high-growth startups, in both B2B and B2C.

Caroline Clark

Varied experience across science, engineering, innovation and startups. PhD Engineering, ultrasonic signal processing. Academia, research commercialisation, innovation. Startup operations and finance, founder journey, people and team development.

Jenny Bailey

A former academic who set up Ferryx in 2019. I am passionate about the impact of the gut microbiome on both gut health and health of the body as a whole. Areas of interest are drug discovery and food supplement development.

Jack Jordan-Connelly

Having been diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, Jack is a huge proponent of non-linear career paths and enjoys sharing his stories and experiences to encourage others to explore options they may have not considered previously.

William Britton

William is the Founder of AutonoMe. He has raised over £1m and now have a full time team of 13 staff, a Board, product on the market used nationally, numerous commercial partnerships and loads of great stories of social impact.

Neciah Dorh

Neciah is an innovative entrepreneur with a solution to the challenging problem of identifying bacterial infections. He is confident speaking about Diagnostics, Antimicrobial Resistance, Health-tech, Founder Journey & IP.

Devon Lowndes

Neurodiversity and EDI consultant, Devon, empowers you to build an environment to everyone’s needs and goals. Devon wants to give organisations the tools to build an inclusive culture, where everyone feels supported.

Rin Hamburgh

Rin is the founder of RH&Co, a copywriting agency that works with expert-led businesses to help them clarify and communicate their message and build their authority using content. Her expertise covers brand messaging, brand voice, content strategy and content marketing.

Premila Patel

I am a corporate lawyer with a background in commercial strategy. I am working with companies to provide succession planning and purpose-driven strategies to balance the triple bottom line (purpose/planet/profit).

Emily Hill

Emily is co-founder and CEO of software house Ghyston and enjoys talking about workplace culture and creating a great place to work, for which Ghyston has won many awards. Emily is also passionate about promoting women in tech, authentic leadership, and using business for good.