shutterstock_187625927The Technology Strategy Board has awarded almost £400k in funding to seven security startups based in the Severn Valley – an area now deemed as the most important security hub in the country with 14% of all UK security companies located here.

The successful early stage companies that took part in the cyber security Launchpad competition all came from the banks of the river Severn with a concentration in Bristol, Malvern and Cheltenham (home of GCHQ). The seven that had their funding confirmed include D-RisQ (Malvern), Montvieux (Tewkesbury), PixelPin (Bristol), C2B2 (Malvern), Infinite Precision (Gloucestershire), Babble IT Systems (Bristol) and Westgate Cyber Security.

The funding makes up 60% of the total R&D cost and comes with a package of business support, training and access to investors.

One of the successful companies – PixelPin – is on a mission to replace passwords with pictures. They have recently been selected to participate in a FinTech Innovation Lab. Check out their video below for more info about their product.


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David Maher Roberts