Royal Bank of Scotland Innovation Gateway logoThe Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are opening the doors of their 2,500 properties to innovators and SMEs  (Small to Medium Enterprises) to test out their ideas for reducing energy, waste or water.

The scheme, called the RBS Innovation Gateway, will let people submit their ideas and the best ones will win a grant to test them out on one or more RBS properties.

RBS has set itself very high aims for energy and waste reduction, and it is hoping the UK’s top innovators can help it achieve this.

If your project is chosen to take part in the scheme you will get:

  • To test and roll out your idea across 2,500 RBS properties
  • A £3,000 grant for winning concepts and paper-based ideas
  • Expertise to help accelerate your innovation to market
  • Practical support and insights from RBS’s Innovation Panel
  • Access to the RBS Property Team and online events
  • To connect and collaborate with other leading innovators

See more about the scheme:

Apply to join the RBS Innovation Gateway.