Cloudfind-CTO-and-CEO-with- (1)Founded in 2011, Cloudfind are a Bath-based company offering automatic tagging software to businesses who use cloud storage. Tagging is designed to replace the folder system of information management, saving vital hours which would otherwise have been spent trawling through catalogues of irrelevant stuff.

Earlier this year, TechSPARK caught up with Cloudfind’s Chief Marketing Officer after the company was shortlisted for a Computer Weekly award for best technology innovation. Robert Curran was kind enough to chat with us again, this time on the subject of the recent £600,000 investment from angel investors including ThoriumTechnology Investors.

Robert tells us that Cloudfind’s customer base has expanded since their April launch on the Salesforce Appexchange, with pilots and trials ongoing and new customers in the US and UK.

“What’s interesting,” he adds, “is that these are companies in quite different sectors – construction and financial services for instance. What’s common is the move to cloud storage as the basis of collaboration – and then Cloudfind as the way to unify all their information easily and automatically.”

You can see more about how Cloudfind works in the video below:

Concurrently, the latest round of investment will “…go largely towards developing the core product further,” Robert explains, “but also expanding and internationalising our sales and marketing effort.”

“As information becomes free to store and instantly accessible, what matters is how well people can understand and share related information.”


Most interestingly, Robert took us through the ‘Digital Jetstream’ philosophy which appears to have driven investors’ interest in the company: “the digital jetstream refers to a level of speed and efficiency that modern businesses should look to achieve as they start to embrace cloud-based services.

“As information becomes free to store and instantly accessible, what matters is how well people can understand and share related information. That’s especially true for businesses, which are increasingly composed of distributed teams, multiple projects, rich in information.

“We don’t really work in a hierarchical way, so today’s “shared folders” can only help so much – like a propeller engine. Once we get beyond the clouds (as it were), we really need a jet engine. That’s why we talk about the Digital Jetstream – the environment is different, the technology required is different, but the benefits are potentially huge in terms of speed and efficiency. Cloudfind is an enabling technology for the Digital Jetstream.”

Cloudfind is available on the Salesforce Appexchange. For news on jobs and developments, follow Cloudfind on twitter @cloudfindHQ.

Pictured top right: Cloudfind CEO Sebastian Toke-Nichols (left) with CTO Richard Donkin