Habu-Logo-Landscape-HTMLFrom the brains behind Eudaimon, a sustainable urban design practice based in Bristol, comes Habu. Habu is an “elegant ecosystem management tool” designed to take the faff out of managing multiroom venues whilst connecting people, spaces and time. It’s due for a full product release in spring 2015, so we thought it was time to get the low down on the project from Habu’s creators.

Brothers Jak and Robert Ollett co-founded Habu, and made their first foray into the South West tech scene during this year’s Silicon Gorge competition. Backed by the internet incubator Webstart Bristol, the Ollett brothers have since completed a minimum viable product, and are currently looking for early development partners ahead of next year’s full release.

We caught up with Robert to find out more about Habu – first by asking about his background at Eudaimon. Robert told us that the design practice is “…somewhere between art, architecture and engineering in the realm of sustainability,” and was set up with “an ambition to inspire flourishing living in our cities through design, particularly in our shared public spaces.”

Inspired by space

Despite Habu appearing to be radically different from the Ollett brothers’ previous work, Robert told us that the overlapping interest between the two projects is space: whereas Eudaimon is about engaging with public spaces, Habu’s objective is managing them. The impetus to get Habu started came from working with space and event management businesses – Robert said, “we saw that they all suffered from an admin grind that was holding them back from reaching their full potential.” After 5 years of bespoke client-based work, Robert also “wanted a fresh challenge”.

“Habu reduces wasted time and human errors, double bookings and operational conflicts”


Habu will be used for managing people, places and time at busy multi-use venues such as the Engine Shed, Hamilton House and Spike Island. “By integrating the core parts of these businesses,” Robert said, “Habu reduces wasted time and human errors, double bookings and operational conflicts.

“Habu is also a powerful analytical tool that allows our users to create reports that give them deeper business insights and help them to concentrate on aspects of their business such as funding streams, for example.”

Habu-Jak-and-RobertThe tool is designed to be used by the entire team involved in space and event management, “…from the front desk through to the building managers and directors.” The Ollett brothers will be targeting multi-use buildings that “want to increase space rentals, reduce time spent on admin and more generally, spend their precious time concentrating on the things that make their business awesome.”

When asked about the importance of the Webstart Bristol programme, Robert told us that it “sharpened our business vision and acumen, whilst giving us the space to step back and get the full picture of what we wanted to achieve with Habu.”

The benefits also included building good relationships with other companies – Robert said, “We’ve also developed great relationships with the other businesses on Webstart such as Missionly, Senta and the others.”

Why do it in Bristol?

The very location of Habu’s development, next to Bristol’s Temple Meads station, has also had a positive impact on the company. According to Robert, “Bristol has a concentration of creative quality and energy, which makes it easier to meet people who are doing great things, find interesting projects and make things happen.

“There are so many opportunities in Bristol and the surrounding area that make being based here very exciting”


“Bristol has a really positive and confident atmosphere at the moment, which is highly infectious! There are so many opportunities in Bristol and the surrounding area that make being based here very exciting.”

Head to Habu’s website if you’re interested in being part of their beta launch or signing up for their newsletter. Habu are also on Twitter. Habu are currently looking to recruit an awesome Analyst Programmer / Lead Developer. If this might be you, drop them an email at work@habu.co!