Bath Digital Festival logoTechnology plays a huge part in the lives of each and every one of us. Every day we see examples of technology being used to help, enable, and change lives for the better. But we see also see examples of technology eroding our privacy and freedoms.

On Tuesday evening, as part of the ten-day-long Bath Digital Festival, ‘Digital For Good’ brings together international speakers to share their views on how ‘digital’ really is being used ‘for good’ in the world.

Protecting freedoms

Aral Balkan, a designer and social entrepreneur, will talk about his work to protect fundamental freedoms, human rights, and democracy by creating independent consumer technologies that don’t spy on you. Aral will be showcasing some of his work over the last year, and talking about what he hopes the future will be for technology of this type.

“One day soon, anyone anywhere will be able to design and download a ‘kit’ to build their own home”


Richard Heath and Steve Fisher will tell you a little about how, one day soon, anyone anywhere will be able to design and download a ‘kit’ to build their own home. Who wouldn’t want to design and download their own house?

Build your own PC

Kano, the computer that can be made by anyone, with the idea being that it as simple as Lego, made over £1.5m last year on a target of £100k. Mathew Keegan and Radek Pazdera from Kano will tell you more about how this was achieved and what they see as being the future of technology in education.

Finally Tom Steinberg, founder of mySociety, will explore how digital tools can enable citizens to have more power over institutions and decision makers.

The event is open to all ages, and will be held in the Bath Function Rooms, at Green Park station from 6:15pm – 10pm. Tickets only cost £10, and are available online at the Digital for Good page of the Bath Digital Festival website.