Are you in the field of e-commerce or developing for e-commerce site? Or just interested in those who are?

The BathSPARK E-commerce Techie Brekkie will be discussing e-commerce trends, the challenges presented by major holidays such as Christmas and Black Friday, the increasing transition from desktop to mobile e-commerce and what people are planning to succeed in the upcoming months.

Fixing online shopping

Also being discussed will be the consumer perspective – are you an online shopper or do you prefer the tangible nature of actual bricks and mortar shops? Is there anything you’d like to see improve or feel that needs addressing?

Come along and share your ideas as they’re fresh in your mind, and meet others working and with an interest in the industry, straight after the Christmas rush.

Tickets for the E-commerce Techie Brekkie cost £5 but bacon butties and pastries are provided!