Want to discuss how to get tech business-to-business marketing right with others who are trying to do the same thing?

Our latest Techie Brekkie to be held in Bristol’s Engine Shed on Tuesday 24 February, looks at how much selling technology to other companies has changed in recent years and what companies and startups can do to ensure they can sell successfully to different audiences.

Getting marketing right

Nowadays, it isn’t just the IT manager who makes the technology buying decisions, but often various other departments within the company have a large sway – how do you get your product in front of this increasingly large group of decision makers?

What’s more – the traditional sales model is also changing. With a lot of product information moving online, it isn’t your salesperson who will be generating interest in your product and explaining what it does – the buyers themselves expect to do a lot of research into your product before even contacting you. In fact, the the buying decision is often made a long time before your first actual physical contact (if you meet at all).

Sharing marketing knowledge

We will be discussing these issues, as well as other sales challenges, over the usual bacon butties and croissants. So why not come along and share your ideas, learn from others’ experience and techniques in this area and pose your questions to a room of others working or with an interest in this type of customer engagement marketing?

Our hosts, Martrain, a marketing agency specialising in the B2B technology sector, will also be on hand to put their perspective on what works and doesn’t work when selling tech to different audiences.

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Jamie Middleton