With the release of the Application Developer’s Alliance‘s latest free white paper called The Internet of Me: How Wearable Tech is Changing the Internet of Things, Erin Dame takes us through the research’s main findings on the potential of Internet of Things wearable devices in improving the human experience and cross-industry collaboration, aimed at placing developers ahead of the industry curve…

“Socks, pants, underpants, pecks, kneecaps… it’s up to our imagination where we want to put [wearable technology],” says Redg Snodgrass (pictured left), Founder of Wearable World. In an increasingly connected world, wearable technology sets precedent as the hub of the “Internet of Me,” while also providing developers with a unique space for innovation.

With an understanding of recent industry growth, the quantified self, and cross-industry collaboration, consumers and developers alike will recognise the need to keep wearable tech at the forefront of connected devices.

Recent industry growth

Undoubtedly, the growth of wearable technology has been explosive. As big-name brands and developers have increased their understanding of wearable applications, consumer adoption has continued to rise. Q1 2014 saw global smartwatch shipments grow more than 250% YoY, and over 373 million smartwatches are projected to be shipped by 2020. Consumers are ready for connectivity that goes beyond just their phones.

redg snodgrass wearable world

The quantified self

In addition to mere connectivity, consumers have expectations for a “quantified self,” where data from everyday life—including mood, daily activities, and health—is collected and translated into life-improving statements.

app-developers-alliance-internet-of-things“Wearable devices are a lot about capturing and displaying information. But the way to interact with those devices will make the real acceptance and differences,” says Denis Manceau, Director of Global Product Management at MyScript.

If wearable technology can seamlessly capture data from a person’s life, translate that data, and then allow the person to apply the data, the willingness of consumers to adopt the technology will increase.

Network of collaboration

As part of an industry that is just beginning to mature, developers and companies will need to strengthen the bonds of community for wearable technology to truly succeed.

According to Jackson Bond, Co- founder and Chief Product Officer at relayr, “larger companies are creating these wearable devices, but they are acting alone and not allowing the devices to talk with other connected devices.” However, cross-industry collaboration is necessary to build the ecosystem of connectivity expected by consumers.

jackson bond relayr

Wearables won’t stop at fitness devices or smartwatches, and we’re at the cusp of an exciting industry shift. By setting the stage for the “Internet of Me” and development innovation, the importance of wearable technology is clear for both consumers and developers.

appdevelopersalliancelogoErin Dame is communications manager for the Apps Alliance – a non-profit global membership organisation that supports developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. It promotes the continued growth of the industry and advocates on behalf of its members on public policy  and industry issues. For more information, download the new whitepaper from the Application Developers Alliance, The Internet of Me: How Wearable Tech is Changing the Internet of Things, and discover other wearables resources.