Bristol-based Nu Desine’s crowd-funding campaign for the newest version of its innovative brand new musical instrument, the AlphaSphere, is going very well on Indiegogo.

alphasphere-in-actionIf you haven’t seen it already, the original AlphaSphere (pictured left) is made up of 48 pressure and velocity touch pads, which you can assign any sound you want.

This includes triggering vocals, modulating synths or triggering preloaded loops so you can build a track. You can also send midi data and control different software such as DJing and VJing software with the AlphaSphere.

AlphaSphere me

The AlphaSphere me is the latest product in the AlphaSphere family of instruments, it features 32 tactile pads, all of which are pressure sensitive and polyphonic aftertouch compatible in MIDI. It can be used with any music production software, from Garage Band to Ableton Live.

The key difference with the AlphaSphere Me is that it is going to be commercially available to anyone who wants one.

“The idea is to simplify the AlphaSphere concept in order to make music-making accessible to everyone”


Developed at Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio, the device was launched at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and Adam Place, Founding Director of Nu Desine and the inventor of the AlphaSphere, told us then:

“The idea is to simplify the AlphaSphere concept in order to make music-making accessible to everyone. Though kids and people getting into music for the first time love the AlphaSphere elite and nexus it is designed for professionals, with AlphaSphere me we have created an instrument that anyone can play.”


The new AlphaSphere me: More compact and lightweight and demands a slightly
different playing style, which is accessible to musicians of all ages

Celebrity endorsements

Multiple artists including Beijing-based producer Jason Hou and award-winning composer Talvin Singth have endorsed not only the older products but are also supporting and backing this project. When Jason Hou released a video using an AlphaSphere on Facebook the video accumulated ten million views in only two weeks.

Be quick for perks

Interest in this product is high and those interested can back the project with a minimum backing of $149 (before 6 March). This perk ensures that those who back will receive one of the first AlphaSphere me controllers to hit the market at a discounted price of $50 cheaper.

Another tiered option is at the default cost of the device at $199 to which backers will receive an AlphaSphere me controller with a copy of AlphaLive software and 2GB of samples.

The perks continue to ramp up from there going from $149 all the way to $5000 with extras and custom finishes.

Check out their crowd-funding video below:

You can see more from the creators of the AlphaSphere devices on the Nu Design website and keep up with their latest news on Twitter: @alphasphere