Do you have a disruptive idea or startup which betters people’s lives and the environment in a city like Bristol or Bath? Would your business benefit from accelerated development with HP innovation experts? Are you  an existing organisation who is exhibiting at or attending Venturefest Bristol & Bath?

If your answer is yes to all these questions, then you should take the HP Innovation Hot House Challenge to be in with a chance to win £25,000 of support from HP Enterprise.

The prize money will be used to help  develop a disruptive Future Cities business service concept through rapid prototyping of the business model and potentially a web or mobile application. The theme for the challenge is “Innovation for Cities of the Future”.

Green capital is natural home for city innovation

Bristol is the European Green Capital 2015 and has been chosen for successfully introducing concrete and innovative improvements to its environment. How do we continue to ensure our cities and communities thrive?

As HP explains: “The concept of smart – or connected – cities is not a brand new one, while talk of smart cities buzzes around boardrooms and government offices, those at the heart of the matter – the citizens – have little concept of what a future city actually is.  Beyond the hyperbole, the fundamental motive for connected communities is to facilitate new models for living that address perennial or intractable problems. In short, using advances in technology to solve every day problems such as traffic, pollution or distribution of work and education, social exclusion, worklessness, health, etc. Crucially, of course, we have to identify what the problem is in each city that needs to be solved.”