The Wave Bristol needs your help to make it to the final of Richard Branson’s Pitch to Rich competition. If it wins it gets the chance to win £10,000 to help make their plans for an amazing inland artificial surfing lake a reality. Your vote could decide whether they get to pitch their idea direct to Richard Branson.

You need to vote before the 16 June to help get a lake offering perfect 1.5 metre waves every 10 seconds for the South West’s next-generation of surfing stars to perfect their art on. In fact – why not do it now?

It is in the final 10 in its category – not bad when you consider over 32 pitches made it to the semi-final out of over 2,500 entrants. However, it needs to be in the top 10 to get through to the next stage.

“We believe that The Wave will have a hugely positive impact on people of all ages”


The Wave Bristol has previously run a crowd-funding campaign. As Nick Hounsfield, co-founder of The Wave, said back when the project got the greenlight: “We believe that The Wave will have a hugely positive impact on people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities in the local area, in Bristol and further afield.”

You can see more about the project in the video below:


The Wave Bristol aims to:

  • Create an opportunity for people of all ages, all abilities and backgrounds to try surfing and waves sports on consistent waves all year round
  • Put people in touch with nature and encourage greater interaction with the natural world
  • Increase children and young peoples educational attainment
  • Increase the number of older people enjoying a higher quality of life
  • Improve young peoples employment readiness
  • Improve the physical and mental well being of children and young people
  • Increase the number of older people participating in social, cultural and active lifestyles
  • Teach people about ecology in a hands-on way
  • Create a rehabilitative environment for ex-servicemen and women with physical and emotional needs
  • Employ young adults and provide training and a career path for the future
  • Integrate generations to encourage greater respect between them
  • Create access to nature and leisure facilities for ill/terminally sick and disabled people
  • Help disadvantaged young people engage with society in a positive way.

Click here to vote for The Wave Bristol: The Wave Bristol Pitch to Rich page