Duel, made by Daredevil Project Studios, is a competitive photo-duelling app, based in Bristol (and Greece), and launched in impressive style in the UK last month. Founder Paul Archer describes it as the “illegitimate child of Draw Something and Snapchat” as it allows you to challenge your friends to judge which of two things are better to help you make decisions and, generally, just have fun competing to be the best!

Startup Vlogging

Paul is (and has been) providing regular snapshots into the internal workings of his startup, giving warts ‘n’ all advice and insights into what it really takes to run a startup.

We’ll be featuring these video blogs regularly here on TechSPARK as there is no better way to get a view of what it’s like to start and maintain a new venture should you be considering doing this for yourself. Well that, and the fact they are usually rather fun!

His latest video is all about the lessons Duel has learned and the changes it is making to the app after its launch a month ago:


You can see all Paul’s recent vlogs on his Paul Archer video channel, and you can download the Duel app here: Duel on iOS

Jamie Middleton