Thinking Socials is a new meetup group based in Bristol and Bath that aims to take the monotony out of meeting new people – meaning you may never have to say what you do for a living again!

This unique group has plans to run all sorts of quirky events from conversation menus, treasure hunts and geeky quizzes to debates and book discussions – making use of the brain while avoiding the usual small talk.

Appealing to thinking and creative types, it’s a group that may be particularly enticing to members of the tech community.

“Thinking Socials aim to challenge the way we’re used to meeting new people”


thinking-bob-bristol-bathAndrew Carr, who runs the group and is also the CEO of local Bath tech startup, Claritize agrees: “There’s often a misconception around self-confessed geeks and techies that they’re shy or lack social skills. But Thinking Socials is here to challenge that notion and show it’s much more about how these sorts of personality types prefer to interact than their ability to interact.”

“Providing an environment full of conversation with depth and creativity rather than just the repetitive conversations about what you do for a living and where you’re going on holiday this summer, Thinking Socials aim to challenge the way we’re used to meeting new people.”

Thinking Bob in the South West

Thinking Socials is sponsored by the London social network and community, Thinking Bob, which was founded in 2011 and now has over 1500 members. Andrew explains why he’s brought Thinking Bob to the South West: “Having helped co-found Thinking Bob in London, I always wanted to bring something here.”

“After chatting to Rebecca, CEO of Thinking Bob, we agreed to try and kick off the events here and see if they take off in the same way that they have in London. As a techie, I hugely hope it will appeal to the techies in the local area in the same way it did in the capital.”

With over 100 members joining the Bristol and Bath Thinking Socials meetup in its first week and already a fully booked first event planned for August 13, great success is predicted for this group.

It’s totally free to join the Thinking Socials Bath/Bristol meetup group. For more information on Thinking Bob and the type of similar events run in London, check out the Thinking Bob Facebook page at: