Mayden, a Bath-based company which specialises in advanced web applications for healthcare, has produced a Christmas game where you can play for free and could win £100 worth of Amazon vouchers if you complete the game in the fastest time.

mayden-academyThere’s nothing too surprising about that you may think, but this game was produced by the Mayden Academy (pictured right) – as in, by individuals who had little to no prior coding knowledge before joining up with this unique coding academy.

Since starting the course in September the pupils have learnt the fundamentals of coding, software design and project management using the latest technologies under the guidance of experts and mentors. And this game is one of the results.

The game seems surprisingly easy, until you try it! All you have to do is find your way through the Mayden office, steering safely down one chimney and back out through the other – avoiding Christmas trees, festive decorations and presents along the way.


Mayden Xmas game: Expect to see this message a lot.

Are your hands steady enough to complete it in the shortest time? Ours aren’t!

You can find out more at the Mayden Academy website and you can keep up to date with Mayden‘s activities on their Twitter feed: @maydentweets.