The newly released Tech Nation 2016 report, produced by Tech City UK, is the most comprehensive analysis of the UK’s digital tech economy to date, showing how the digital and technology industries are driving economic growth, employment and regional development.

This year, as a community partner on the project, we here at TechSPARK had a hand in helping gathering the knowledge and figures for the Bristol & Bath region, and impressive figures they turned out to be too.

Bristol and Bath’s £8.2 billion digital turnover

The report reveals that companies in the UK’s digital and technology industry generated around £87bn for the UK’s economy between 2010 and 2014, with Bristol and Bath having the largest cluster in terms of productivity and the third largest digital turnover (£8.2bn).


TechNation 2016 broken down by numbers: With the Bristol & Bath region figuring prominently

TechNation 2016 also highlights various other exciting statistics about our region:

  • Bristol and Bath tech talent is the most productive in the UK with an average of £296K sales per head compared to £205K in London. That makes Bristol & Bath 44% more productive!
  • Bristol & Bath based business has the largest turnover outside London and the South East. That’s £8.2bn, over three times the figure for Manchester and four times that of Birmingham
  • Bristol and Bath have the largest growth in turnover of any core city between 2010-2014 at 53%
  • The region has the widest breadth of available programming languages of any core city

“81% of local business owners stated collaboration as a benefit”


technation-2016-reportThe report also describes how important a role the supportive tech community plays in the region, saying “81% of local business owners stated collaboration as a benefit, while 5,000 people regularly attend tech meetups in the area, the third most in the UK.”

Tech Nation 2016 also recognises some of the big name tech companies already established or being pulled into the area, saying: “Aardman, JUST EAT, IMDb, Oracle, IBM, Sony and Hewlett Packard have all been attracted by the strong digital ecosystem.”

You can see the headline figures for Bristol and Bath in the infographic below or you can get the full story by downloading the full TechNation 2016 report.

Bath & Bristol Regional Infographic-01

Jamie Middleton