g4c_climatechallenge_v05_1_with_credit_634px-634x288Games for Change, an organisation looking to make the world a better place through computer games, is hosting a competition for game developers at their two day festival in New York this June. The challenge is to create a game that allows players to realise their role in addressing climate change, as well as displaying its effects in an impactful way.

The main prize is $10,000, to be used for developing the winning game into a fully fledged release, but four finalists will get a free trip to New York to attend the festival when the winner is announced, live and on stage.

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Engaging gaming wanted

g4c_logo_69pxThe games should be based in fact, including scientifically grounded solutions to climate change, as well as real world examples of the destruction it has already caused. G4C wants the winning game to be “engaging, entertaining and empowering”, and all submissions should aim to raise awareness of how to prepare for the impacts of climate change, and prevent the increase of carbon emissions.

The competition is being held in partnership with Autodesk and PoLAR Partnership. Autodesk have been innovators in 3D graphic design for over thirty years while PoLAR Partnership is a climate change education partnership that aim to raise awareness of global warming through innovative methods such as this competition. They are supported by a five year grant from the National Science Foundation.

Games for Change was founded in 2004 and have since endeavoured to produce games that encourage social impact, as well as using them as tools for humanitarian and educational efforts. You can visit their lab page to learn more about their previous projects.

All the rules for the competitions can be found at the Games for Change website, as well as the submissions page. You can keep up to date with the Climate Challenge by following them on Twitter here: @G4C. The G4C 2016 festival will be taking place in New York from 23-24 June.