simon-starr-bath-ruby-conference-2016Just last month, an impressively diverse and international cohort of Ruby developers descended on the grand Bath Assembly Rooms for Bath Ruby 2016 – a day of spectacular talks inspiring experienced developers and newbie coders alike.

From rocking out with Sonic Pi, to learning how you could make a difference by contributing to open-source projects, and even how to get your head round graph databases – Bath Ruby covered a huge range of top topics.

“The feedback was incredibly positive – people really seemed to appreciate the mixture of technical and non-technical content”


Catching up with Simon Starr (pictured above), the founder and organiser of Bath Ruby, we found out how the day went down. He tells us: “The feedback was incredibly positive – people really seemed to appreciate the mixture of technical and non-technical content, including all the lightning talks which went down really well.”

“My highlight was seeing the reaction to Janet Crawford’s talk, both in the room and on Twitter. I wasn’t sure how a talk on gender inequality would go down at a software conference, but it’s a topic I feel very strongly about and I was pleased that it seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people.”

So it’s no surprise then that conference was such a hit it completely sold out! But you can catch a glimpse of Bath Ruby 2016 from all angles with our round up of the video coverage of the whole event, including an overview video and recordings of all the fantastic talks below.

Summary of Bath Ruby Conference 2016

[Video credit: Will Sansom]

Rocking Out in Ruby – A Playful Introduction to Sonic PI by Xavier Riley

Following a popular lighting talk at Bath Ruby in 2015, Xavier returns to show how anyone can turn Ruby code into amazing musical melodies using Sonic PI.

Lightning Talks – Part 1

John Cinnamond – Complexity

Florian Gilcher – Accessible Events

Chris Seaton – Ruby Papers We Love

Andy Croll – Stupid Things I’ve Done in Search of Startup Success

How NEO4J Saved my Relationship by Coraline Ada Ehmke

Creator of the Contributor Covenant, founder of OS4W and Ruby Rogues panelist Coraline introduces the audience to relational databases as well as practical uses for graph database, NEO4J.

Open Source for your Benefit by Courteney Ervin

Open-source champion, Courteney inspires the Bath Ruby audience to think about potential open-source projects that mean something to them. Walking the audience through the world of open-source coding – Courteney explains how you can get involved – even if you’re not a coder!

Lightning Talks – Part 2

Christopher Turtle – Descent from Antiquity

Philip Szalwinski – Programming and Paragliding – Hopping from Cloud to Cloud

Andrew Faraday – The Wonky Limerick

Nils Löwe – The “Manifesto for Responsible Software Development”

Matthew Bloch – Our anonymous hiring process on Rails

The Surprising Neuroscience of Gender Inequality by Janet Crawford

Scientist, speaker and coach, Janet explores the latest research into gender inequality and some of the surprising ways in which it can be addressed to improve the balance of gender in the tech industry and beyond.

Firing People by Zach Holman

Zach opens up about being fired from his job. Offering refreshing perspectives, he explores the ups and the downs of the firing process from all angles.

Lightning Talks – Part Three

Adam Butler – Life experiments

Ed Robinson – GRPC and Ruby

Cheryl Morgan – Introducing Trans*Code

Phil Nash – We need more gems

How are Method Calls Formed? by Aaron Patterson

Rails core team member, thought leader and Ruby Hero – Aaron takes it up a notch on the tech front with a presentation on how method calls are executed, offering plenty of humour (and cats) along the way.

Sorry you missed it? You can watch for announcements on next year’s conference by following the Bath Ruby Twitter feed: @BathRuby.

[Image credit: Angelo Fernandes]

[All videos of the talks: Confreaks]

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