This month over 250 local marketers were treated to a morning of user experience (UX) expertise at Digital Gaggle 2016.

The free conference, run by Bristol-based digital marketing agency Noisy Little Monkey, attracted a number of local industry experts to inspire the audience with a series of UX-themed talks which certainly didn’t fail to impress.

“There was something for everyone – digital marketers, general marketers, and those far more technically minded than me”


digital-gaggle-2016-audienceSarah Bostock, Marketing Director of Bristol based marketing company TONIC, attended the Digital Gaggle conference for the first time and said: “There was something for everyone – digital marketers, general marketers, and those far more technically minded than me! There was a great bunch of speakers who had delegates hooked with engaging, lively and content-rich sessions.

Anyone specialising in digital, or needing to develop their knowledge and skills, should definitely be at the next one. It’s the perfect chance to soak up the knowledge from industry people who really know their stuff, hear from clients using their services with success, as well as to meet peers, share stories, expertise, opportunities and ideas.”

The UXperts

Just in case you couldn’t make it along to Digital Gaggle 2016 and are gasping in horror at what you might have missed out on, we’ve collated recordings of the talks so you can take in the morning’s advice in your own time.

James Caig, Head of Strategy at True Digital – Making Digital Marketing More Human


James kicked off the conference with his talk about the growing importance of human experience in digital marketing. In an age where technology proliferates and our attention is easily distracted, James argued that businesses needed to place as much emphasis on their customer’s offline experience as they do their online UX.


Léonie Watson, Senior Accessibility Engineer at The Paciello Group – Elementary, My Dear Watson (The Movie Guide To Accessibility)


With a little help from the movies, Léonie discussed why accessibility has a reputation problem and offered a few bits of advice on what you can do to revive your accessibility mojo.


Jon Payne, Technical Director at Noisy Little Monkey – From Stranger to Prospect


Generating new visitors to your website from Google and social media is ever more difficult in today’s competitive marketplace. Jon revealed the secrets from successful campaigns he’s worked on which have driven new traffic and converted leads into sales.


Adam Babjee-Pycroft, Managing Director at Natural Interaction – Validating Ideas Fast With Remote User Research


In his talk, Adam shared what he’s learned having executed hundreds of hours of remote research on a variety of projects. He covered common mistakes and issues, how to find the right participants and the advantages of disadvantages of certain tools.


Pat Wood, Managing Director and Founder of – The Great TruffleShuffle UX Kerfuffle


Pat spoke about the many redesigns of his e-commerce site, During his talk he explained why he learned to embrace mobile, what he learned about UX and how, with the help of Bristol based Agency Noisy Little Monkey, he was able to massively increase conversions on his online store.

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Alice Whale