ActiveLab is the latest accelerator set to promote startups that are attempting to get people moving with their business models – and entries close tomorrow!

“ActiveLab will accelerate innovative products and services which encourage the nation to get more active”


Thanks to collaboration with AXA PPP and Tech City UK, ukactive has launched the programme with the initiative to facilitate the expansion of startups who have a focus on physical activity.

ukactive, who are leading the campaign, work to support the quest to revolutionise the nation’s attitude to exercise. Home to over 4,000 members, ukactive are the not-for-profit health body who strive to encourage a healthier and active lifestyle; the wealth of talent under their umbrella makes ukactive the perfect hosts.

A more active nation

We caught up with Jak Phillips from ukactive to tell us a little bit about the inspiration for the programme, “We think we have the network to unearth something special. With the confluence of physical activity, health, technology and fashion, there are huge opportunities to reach more people than ever before through our goal of getting more people, more active, more often.”

“Our goal is to unearth the UK’s first health and fitness unicorn”


Following from Tech City UK’s successful Future Fifty scheme, ActiveLab aims to ignite a flame to get people moving through partnering young startups with the pioneers in business and physical activity.

Jak says, “We believe ActiveLab brings together the best of support from the physical activity sector, government and the private sector to help scale innovation. Our goal is to unearth the UK’s first health and fitness unicorn and become the global launchpad for innovative and scalable physical activity businesses.”

The founders of ActiveLab recognised the scope for meaningful innovation in the sector through combining fitness and technology. ActiveLab aims to support emerging startups who have the power to influence and thus change how active we are.

With physical inactivity being such a prevalent issue today and digital technology influencing more aspects of our lives, ActiveLab hopes to create something revolutionary.

What you can expect

ActiveLab wants to expedite innovation in the sector by bringing together the people who have the capacity to make a change to the way we live.

You can apply to be a part of the fast-track programme now – the application date has been extended to the 15 November; the 20 finalists are set to be announced on 23 November 2016.

“ActiveLab features a stellar cast of mentors, coaches and high net worth investors who have been the driving forces behind the rise of the physical activity”


The programme encompasses a series of workshops, networking events and there is even the opportunity to partake in some tailored mentoring for your fitness first startup.

ActiveLab will reach its pinnacle on 15 March 2017 at an event which welcomes speakers who have influenced both the physical activity and technology industries, making it a hotbed for innovative ideas to form.

Jak elaborates, “ActiveLab features a stellar cast of mentors, coaches and high net-worth investors who have been the driving forces behind the rise of the physical activity. The cohort will be able to learn, network and grow with these high calibre individuals through a series of workshops, seminars and networking sessions over the 12-week programme.

“It culminates with a  grand finale where teams will showcase their product and take part in a series of live pitches, with the winner receiving the top prize of a premium accelerator toolkit – comprising a suite of products and expertise to fast-track their concept.”

Sign yourself up

ActiveLab encourages product and service-based startups alike to sign up. The programme champions all innovative concepts that will benefit from either the private, public or third sectors and also have the capacity to be widely replicated, or upscaled internationally, to have a positive effect on the population to get involved.

Thanks to Jak for taking the time to talk to us – you can check out the ActiveLab website for more information or follow ukactive on Twitter: @_ukactive