Nanoscience and nanotechnology are exciting areas of research with applications from making batteries last longer to optics and even quantum technology.

The University of Bath is bringing together researchers from several different departments in the Centre for Nanoscience and nanotechnology (CNAN) to share their expertise.

“The Centre for Nanoscience will promote the University of Bath’s research in nanoscience and nanotechnology”


More than 30 academics from the Faculties of Science and Engineering and Design will be involved in the centre across nine departments, including Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology & Biochemistry, Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Architecture & Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

“We’re very excited about launching the new Centre, which will promote the University of Bath’s research in nanoscience and nanotechnology and will provide a gateway for those interested in working with us,” said Dr Daniel Wolverson, co-director of CNAN from the Department of Physics. “It spans departmental and faculty boundaries and puts the emphasis on the shared interests and expertise of world-leading researchers in nine departments.”

The centre was launched on Wednesday 14 December with a keynote lecture from Professor Jeremy Blaumberg, Director of the Nanophotonics Centre at the University of Cambridge, who spoke about how to see individual atoms and molecules using nanotechnology. Prof Blaumberg has worked with quantum technology at Hitachi and IBM and his own spin-offs Mesophotonics and Base4.

You can find all the staff involved in the Centre for Nanoscience here.

Nick Flaherty