The Online Influence Conference (OiConf) is back in Cardiff on 30 March 2017 – and there are 1000 free tickets up for grabs for those keen to know more about social and online innovation!

Following the success of previous events, these are deeply coveted passes. Ran by Coup Media, OiConf has attracted social media giants such as IBM and Twitter to exhibit in the past, and this year’s event is set to impress with keynote speakers from the likes of Travelex and Barclays.

Whether you want to work in mobile and social media, or are eager to learn more about either sector, you’re guaranteed to find something for you at OiConf.

“[#OiConf16] trended No2 in the UK, only beaten by Brexit (we say no more)”


The free tickets will give you access to the 80 exhibitors and the chance to meet up with a whole wealth of talented people. But, if you want more, a £99 ticket will also give you admission to 14 keynotes, 28 workshops and various meeting opportunities. Both are available through OiConf’s website – as Ashley Wheeler, the Commercial Director of Coup Media, says, “it’s just a couple of clicks and you’re on your way to OiConf”.

A day of learning

oiconf-2016-crowdThe Bristol event last October was a huge triumph. And the people certainly gave it due credence: “[#OiConf16] trended No2 in the UK, only beaten by Brexit (we say no more),” Ashley tells us, “I would have to say the level of impact our keynotes had on the delegation was my biggest highlight… OiConf Bristol proved a real sobering pill for a lot of our attendees, you could feel the shift in perspective – the whole team here were really proud to see the impact OiConf had”.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some tickets, expect to be joined by “1000 entrepreneurs, startups, scales-ups and SME leaders with the primary agenda to improving and expanding their businesses through digital excellence,” predicts Ashley – if this is a vision you share, get down to OiConf!

“2017 is going to be transformative for marketers”


And, there’s going to be a whole new aspect this year. Ashley explains, “Alongside 80 stands and product providers for the world of social and mobile marketing, we will also be hosting the ‘Ignition Stage’.

“This will give our attendees access to digital tools, seminars, Q&As as well as a range of product masterclasses to help them upskill their business.”

oiconf-2016With tech continually evolving, these coming years will see drastic changes to the way we use mobile and social media. Ashley explains this is amongst the things discussed at the Cardiff event: “2017 is going to be transformative for marketers, with the emergence of new consumer technologies, dark social, mar-tech, dark mar-tech, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (I can go on) the world as marketers know it is about to change forever!”

Thanks to Ashley for taking the time to talk to us. You can get yourself some tickets for the Online Influence Conference in Cardiff this March now and follow them on Twitter to keep up with the latest developments here: @OiConf.

Shona Wright

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